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Porter Music Co.

The Porter Music store was started in 1889 under the name Porter, Davis and Sloop. It was owned by Belman S. Porter, Avah J. Davis, and Fred Sloop. The store was located at 125 East Main Cross Street. In 1895, the business changed names to the Porter B. S. Son Co. and was run by Belman Porter and J. Edward Porter at 130 North Main Street. The business was managed by many different people until 1948, when William Porter took over management of the store at 530 South Main Street. In 1958, the business changed its name to Porter Music. In 1965, the business was purchased by Philip McClurkin, who owned it until 1982.

In the 1960s, under McClurkin’s management, the store became a hangout for young musicians and music lovers. There were soundproof booths for the kids to listen to the latest records, instruments for the budding musician to try out, like the latest guitars, pianos, and drums. The store was also the local dealer in the Fisher brand of stereophonic music systems. McClurkin was a very understanding businessman and worked with young musicians to set up payment plans so that they would be able to purchase instruments, even if they hadn’t saved up enough money at the time. He also arranged to have music lessons provided there in piano, guitar, and other instruments.

Porter Music was the oldest music store in Ohio. In 1981, the Porter family purchased the business back from McClurkin, and moved it to 112 South Main Street, until 1984, when the business closed permanently.
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