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Patrons requesting general information about the Hancock Historical Museum’s manuscripts and other holdings can contact us by email or telephone.

If you wish to do your own research, we require that you make an appointment at a minimum of one week before your planned visit so that we can arrange the materials for you.

No beverages, cameras, pens or post-it notes will be allowed in the research area. Pencils, computers, legal pads and paper will be allowed.

Gloves will be provided for the handling of certain photos and objects, which will be worn by the researcher.

The researcher will keep the files organized in the same way that the materials were brought to them.

Some materials may not be able to be viewed due to their delicate condition.


If you wish to have museum staff provide research for you, the service fee is $25.00 per hour for a maximum of two hours. The cost of photocopies is an additional $.15 per page in black and white. Inquiries or photocopy requests requiring more than two hours of staff time must be negotiated in advance. Please allow up to 1 month for receipt of the information, unless otherwise arranged. We have many requests and cannot complete every task in a day.


Staff will do all scanning of photographs or other images. Please specify image format and resolution desired. If not specified, our automatic settings are 600 DPI in a .jpg format.  Unless otherwise arranged, the photographs will be watermarked with the Museum’s logo in an unobtrusive place. If you are obtaining a photo without the Museum’s logo, you will agree to have a credit line that reads “Photo Courtesy of the Hancock Historical Museum, Findlay, Ohio.”

Cost: $25 standard research fee for up to 20 scanned photographs


  • Electronic delivery is at no charge, plus research cost.

  • CD cost is $5.00 per CD, plus research cost.

  • If research is being mailed, the cost of shipping will also be charged to you.

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