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With a small staff and limited resources, the museum relies heavily on the generous contributions of our volunteers to assist with everything from event planning and  school programs, to speaking engagements and research requests.


Nearly 25,000 people visit the museum or attend facilitated programming annually, including more than 4,000 Hancock County schoolchildren. Volunteers assist with event planning, children's programming, hands-on demonstrations, museum tours, administrative tasks, and much more. The museum is grateful for volunteers, who help to make the museum and its programming more successful, enjoyable, and accessible for the community. 


If you have an interest in volunteering at the Hancock Historical Museum, please complete the form below or call the museum at (419)423-4433.  



As a retired Findlay High School French teacher, Linda Bash began volunteering for the Hancock Historical Museum in 2012. Linda’s impact at the organization has been far-reaching. As an avid quilter, she has assisted with the organization of the quilt and textile collections. With her command of languages and teaching experience, Linda is regularly called upon to edit promotional and communication pieces for the museum. In 2018, Linda lent her invaluable editing skills to several large museum projects, including new signage in the Agriculture Exhibit Center and the first and only comprehensive pattern guide for Findlay Glass. She has dedicated countless hours helping the museum staff to craft their messaging and to enhance the experiences of our guests. Linda has also served as a wonderful ambassador for the museum, taking every opportunity to introduce new audiences to our local history and museum programming. 

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