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Current Exhibits

Growing up 90s: Hancock County Edition

February – December

Welcome back to the 1990s! Whether you were playing 3-on-3, couples skating, rewinding your Jurassic Park rental or hangin’ out at the Hut. Hancock County saw a decade of memorable places to go, movies to see, and things to do. Take a walk through the ‘90s, Hancock County Edition, and revisit your memories of favorite local fun spots, rapidly changing technology, new music genres, fashion trends, and food places – an era that was all that and a bag of chips!


Findlay in the Fabulous Fifties

February – December

The 1950s are such a nostalgic era, with poodle skirts, big cars, and supermarkets. With the release of the 1950s Census in 2022, we are highlighting the most important aspects of the decade in our new exhibit; from clothes to cars, food to floods, we’ve got all the highlights!

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