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Growing up 90s: Hancock County Edition

We were there for it. Now we’re here for it!
Welcome back to the 1990s! Whether you were playing 3-on-3, couples skating, rewinding your Jurassic Park rental or hangin’ out at the Hut. Hancock County saw a decade of memorable places to go, movies to see, and things to do. Take a walk through the ‘90s, Hancock County Edition, and revisit your memories of favorite local fun spots, rapidly changing technology, new music genres, fashion trends, and food places – an era that was all that and a bag of chips!

Photo Gallery

Nostalgia at its finest. Relive 1990s fashion, technology, and after school hangouts in Hancock County through photographs. From neon windbreakers to video stores, you'll find yourself recollecting your best childhood memories.

Share Your Memories

Hey ‘90s kids of Hancock County! We know you have some great memories of growing up ‘90s, and we’d love to hear your stories! Did you have your first kiss at Ohio Skate, or have the time of your life at a YMCA Lock-In? Do you remember getting your Book-It certificate and having a pizza party with your friends at Pizza Hut? We want to hear it all!

Video Gallery

Support your local PBS Station today! News Six was a weekly news broadcast written and reported by sixth graders in the northwest Ohio, airing on WBGU PBS Station for more than 25 years. Did your school participate?

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