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The Variations

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“The Variations got together originally in about 1966. Al Love (drums), Jon Decker (vocals), Floyd Dillinger (bass). They were all Howard St. boys. I think they tried out several guitar players, then Harry (HJ) Hafferkamp and I (Loveridge) joined them in late ’66 or so. Soon, we were playing some teen dances and things of that nature.

By late middle of ’67, we advanced to playing mostly night club dates. Soon thereafter, Ward Smith became our manager. He was only managing the Watchmen at that time. We were booked at least 3 or 4 nights a week, mostly clubs, but occasionally other dates. I think about early ’68 we discontinued Ward as our manager soon after the Watchmen did. At that time, Floyd Dillinger left The Variations as he had some personal involvements with Ward’s family. At that point Ward started managing some of the areas younger bands.

At that time, we changed the band’s name to RAYN and soon afterwards Mike Jones Joined us as bass player.”

As remembered by Denny Loveridge:

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