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The Vagabonds



John “Ringo” Pizana – Vocals
Felix Lerma – Lead Guitar
Joe Gonzales – Bass
Ray Saldana – Drums
Alex Telles – Keyboard

“The Vagabonds were formed in 1965 of a group of 16-18-year-old teens living in the West Park area of Findlay. They decided to form a band, and began rehearsing in Ray Saldana’s living room. The Vagabonds were the only all Hispanic Rock Band in the history of Findlay. They played a lot of music from The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Young Rascals, among others.

The band played a lot at Union Hall, the Green Mill Gardens, and would often partner with a second band to host a teen dance at the American Legions on Sundays, splitting the profits. The band stayed together until 1968, when they were all out of high school, and went in separate directions. Only Ringo continued working the band scene playing with Heartbeat, and the Apple Ridge 4.”

Interview with John “Ringo” Pizana

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