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The Roadmen

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Original Founding Members:
Ron Crosser: Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Larry Crosser: Drums, Vocals
Sam Mabe: Guitar, Vocals
Rich Preteroti: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Roger Freed: Vocals
Additional Members:
Ken Bowman: Lead Guitar, Vocals

“This group was formed from remnants of the Ticons, Ronnie and the Shadows, and the Chex. We had a permanent gig at The Brunswick. Les and Snooky Miller liked us, and we were drawing some large crowds. We even had The Buckinghams (“Kind of a Drag” and “Don’t you Care”) down there for a few nights. The only problem was that the dance floor was too small, and it was always very crowded.

The original bandstand was behind the bar, at the end of a tunnel-like, very small dance floor. Bill Black, who owned the Black and Warner clothing store above the Brunswick, offered to let us remove a wall in the basement and build a new, larger stage closer to the entrance. That allowed for a much larger dance floor. We had people lined up on Main Street to get in after that!

Roger left the band and we added Ken Bowman from The Chex, on lead guitar and vocals, and I (Ron) moved to Keyboard and Guitar. I was also working at Porter Music Company and attending Findlay College. I left the band in 1966. Larry also left and went with Life, and then Fresh Air. Rich also left. I believe Sam went on to form That Damn Band with Tom Schute, Bobby Nash, Percy Davis, and Dave Dudley.

What a great run!”

As remembered by Ron Crosser:

Oral History with Ron Crosser

Cut 1: Ron Crosser on how he got started with music

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Cut 2: Ron Crosser on the types of music he learned early on

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Cut 3: Ron Crosser on the audience reaction to his early band

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Cut 4: Ron Crosser on one of the first paid gigs

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Cut 5: Ron Crosser on playing a talent show in Central Auditorium

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Cut 6: Ron Crosser on some venues his bands played

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Cut 7: Ron Crosser on writing/recording with Sam Mabe and others

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Cut 8: Ron Crosser on the Brunswick

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Cut 9: Ron Crosser on the jacket displayed in the exhibit

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Cut 10: Ron Crosser on recruiting other band members

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Cut 11: Ron Crosser on a typical night as a bar band

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Cut 12: Ron Crosser on a setlist

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Cut 13: Ron Crosser on how they got instruments

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Cut 14: Ron Crosser on getting kicked out for being too young

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Cut 15: Ron Crosser on joining Johnny & The Hurricanes

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Cut 16: Ron Crosser on some Johnny & The Hurricanes songs

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Cut 17: Ron Crosser on leaving the road

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Cut 18: Ron Crosser on the exhibit

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Cut 19: Ron Crosser on Phil McClurkin

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Cut 20: Ron Crosser on The Roadmen

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