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The Pub

In 1965, the Hollywood Inn was sold, and former employee Dave Hindall decided Findlay needed a place for college kids to listen to live music, hang out, and drink beer. He purchased the furniture from The Hollywood, and opened The Pub at 202 North Main Street in Findlay.

Freshly out of college, and just a few months into a new job at Cooper Tire, Dave’s family didn’t think that he should be pursuing a job as a bartender. He persevered, and opened The Pub in 1966. He did a lot of the renovation work himself, and turned the second floor into an apartment for him to live in.

The very first band to play at The Pub were called The Viscounts. Many bands played there over the 8 years the pub was open, but the most memorable, and the most popular was The Nite Watchmen of Findlay. There would often be lines out the door of people waiting to get in. A mix of college kids and locals would frequent to dance, drink, and listen to the bands. Drinking was legal at age 18 then!

A pool table and jukebox were available for entertainment when there weren’t any bands playing.

In 1974, Dave sold The Pub. A series of owners have had that building over the years until it was torn down by the city after flood damage.

Listen to Dave Hindall's oral history here
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