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The Chex

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Thomas Flick – Sax
Larry Zink – Drums
Ken Bowman – Guitar
Joe Lear – String Bass
Dennis Cheney – Piano
Additional Members
Paul “Sonny” Brickman – Bass Guitar
Dennis Lytle – Guitar

"In 1960, four Findlay High School students, along with one Findlay College studen,t got together and formed The Chex band, playing at local and county school functions. The band reorganized around 1961, and became an all Rock and Roll band. The string bass and piano were removed, and they added electric bass and electric guitar to the mix. Their ages limited the venues they could play, but they played a lot of local and county school dances, county fairs, and on the radio WTTF out of Tiffin, and WFOB out of Fostoria. They also played at the Green Mill Gardens. The general manager needed a band to back up the Skyliners, Kip and Flip, and Carl Dubkins Jr. The Chex played for a few hours until the headliner, the Hollywood Argyles, showed up and took over.

The Chex were an all instrumental band, playing music by Johnny and the Hurricanes, the Viscounts, Booker T. & the M. G.’s, Duane Eddy, and the Ventures. “Wild Weekend” was their theme song. In 1961, the band was able to cut a record with the Findlay Recording Company. The band practiced in living rooms and garages like many bands, but thanks to a special connection, their drummer’s mother, The Chex were able to practice at the Kathleen Concannon Dance Studio on East Main Cross. With the help of the floor to ceiling mirrors, the group was able to practice their choreography there, as well.

The Chex played a lot of gigs, but around 1963, they split up. Many members went on to other bands, some went away to college, and others served in the military."

Interview with Tom Flick:

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