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In Memory of Those Who Have Passed

Terry McClanahan – The Wanderers

Gary D. Redick – The Challengers

Roger Hilty – The Challengers

Al Love – The Variations

Tom Trivan – Roni and the Shadows

Pat Day – Roni and the Shadows

Gary Zink – Roni and the Shadows

Denny Lytle – Roni and the Shadows

Phil Naus – Roni and the Shadows

Ted Johnson – Raging Storms II

Tom Autieri – Raging Storms II

Bennie McCoy – Raging Storms II

Denny Van Weelden – The Mixed Emotions

Bob Buntin – The Mixed Emotions

Mike Brown – The Mixed Emotions

David Reddick – The Mixed Emotions

Ray Saldana – The Vagabonds

Larry Tesnow – The Nite Watchmen

Ed John – The Nite Watchmen

Roger Merchant – The Nite Watchmen

James Percie Davis – The Nite Watchmen/ The Wanderers

Jeannie O’Dell – Younger Girls

Chuck Rinehart – Deadly Syn

Doug Snyder – The Agents

Bob Peeler – The Challengers

George Thompson – Naked Onion

Dave Phillips - The Nite Watchmen

Sonny Brickman - The Chex
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